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Siroki Brijeg Siroki Brijeg
14 Apr 2014

Siroki Brijeg

Siroki Brijegis a town in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the center of West Herzegovina Canton. Located on the river Listica, about 20 km west of Mostar. The city has about 10,000 inhabitants, while the municipality has about 30,000 inhabitants.

Recent history of Siroki Brijeg area is closely related to the construction of the monastery at Siroki Brijeg 1846. and with his action, which started a spiritual, cultural and civilization functioning Catholic church. Town began to grow in
early XX century at the mills Cemer (Turkish: cemer= arch), so on the beginning same name was for the town. After traffic connection with Mostar yr. 1900. a former Priest students (here meaning: servant, assistant), and enterpreneurs from nearby villages were built shops and bars, and so they created a small town, which is by the river Listica (derivative of the name Lise)
called Listica. However, since it became the administrative center until the 28th April 1952, the official name of the municipality and kotar was Siroki Brijeg. IThe city and city's oldest institutions pulling roots from the monastery and hisactivities. Apart from the later famous classical gymnasium (which was preceded parlormaid Franciscan school for apprentices in the village of Čerigaj 1844th to 1848th), the monastery is in the XIX. and the XX century led and founded: Folk School (1867.), pharmacy, shops (grocery and coffee shops), water (1868.), carpenter's workshop, built: the stone bridge on Ugrovača (1868.), a gimnasium building (1924. -31.) pupil's home (1929.-32.), hydro-electric power plant (1934.), established a museum with archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic, geological - biological and other collections.


Monastery and university are for ordinary people at the first symbol of Christianity, and then cradle of civilization and culture reborn. The largest Christian meeting is 15th August, because the church and monastery, as well as Hercegovinian Franciscans province, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary into heaven. In the previous war, church and monastery buildings were not damaged, although the city were shelled and bombed on several occasions.

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